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SharePoint 2010 books

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I must have trawled through 10 SharePoints 2010 books of late from various publishers Sams, Wrox, Microsoft, Addison Wesley and Apress. I have been asking the question, how do I go about thinking about programming this beast? I want the 50 foot object model and the approach to programming – so testing would be an added bonus. Interestingly, very few do this. In fact, most are made for the person that wants to configure up a system rather than do development. Fair enough, I suppose. Clearly, few people are programming up sites – not. I suppose I can keep going to the SDK or blogs, but again, I haven’t been able to get the right view from these. I have been working with Devs who really know their API. But they too have been struggling to explain to me SharePoint. I have worked with various CMS systems over the years and would have thought that I would have picked it up easier. Oh, well perhaps it is me!

If you are new to doing SharePoint development then I thing that I think that I have learned is that you wanting books with a focus on “Solution” development rather than ones with “user” or even simply “development”. In fact, I haven’t even looked at the ones on Adminstration, Designer or Workflow. Try this search on Amazon

A quick run down.

My pick:

Followed by:

There’s the ones who tell you all about the governance, planning and implementation (rather than development)

Reasonably helpful ones:

Sorry, I haven’t quite got to Real World SharePoint® 2010 by Wrox. I’m hoping its better.

Here’s one that I going to try and get a copy to read:

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