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This was just a nice little presentation from infoq on agilists and architects that I made some notes on.


Enterprise, Data, Technical, Integration Architects: usually disconnected from the application (cf application architect)
– shared across business unit or development stream
– against reckless proliferation of tools
– often charged with stability

How does self-empowered teams work with enterprise standards and reviews?

Even good people have been messed up by bad ideas. What is in agile for architects?
– transparency and visibility into progress
– up to date specification of functionality (through tests and also self checking)
– results in adaptable code (reuse/harvest after the fact rather than planned)

How to make it work?
– Architects as customers
– Architects as team members … means they are customers and techies

Architects are centrally to understanding how all the business holds together and can help with technical debt

Making estimates based on clean code and that on legacy code

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