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Using Asp.Net MVC – basic resources

I’ve just started working with a team on asp.net mvc. I’m now starting to create a list of resources that I am finding useful. You’ll notice that I have been reading around Steve Sanderson’s work because our team is tending to focus around his solutions.

General books

Sample Code Downloads



Other libraries that I will fill out as needed:

  • moq
  • nbehave (for the assert helper syntax)
  • storyq – acceptance testing
  • selenium/watin – browser testing
  • jquery/jsspec – for gui specific testing (see this blog for samples and jqueryplugingen for scaffolding)
  • sdc tasks – for deployment
  • teamcity/tfs for CI
  • migratordotnet – for migrations (I’m also thinking SqlLite for base dev testing)
  • Gallio -

* fakes, object mothers and using extensions

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