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Git excludes for dotnet

I am just using github to save a dotnet project for this blog. Of course, this project is on windows and I need to think about my ignores. I know that I am not going to remember this for next time.

So I am running GitBash on windows. Ah, that feels nice and familiar.

cd /myproject

$ cat .git/info/exclude
 # git-ls-files --others --exclude-from=.git/info/exclude
 # Lines that start with '#' are comments.
 # For a project mostly in C, the following would be a good set of
 # exclude patterns (uncomment them if you want to use them):
 # *.[oa]
 # *~

$ vi .git/info/exclude


$ git status
 --> now those files are there

Of course, that works only for this repository. Sometime I’ll go and set the global excludes.

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